Nama Band: Alena
Anggota Band: Maia, Mivtah, Iqbal, Namin Jacko
Judul Lagu: Stay
Genre: Alternative Rock
Asal Kota: Jakarta



Three summer days Oh the days seem too unreal No, honey! Can't we just go break its seal? Let's take it to the depth of forever Then no one's gonna rob it, no, never! Stare the sky And bear a thousand different sense! Another lies Can't we just lead up its essence? You know that life's never been that easy But hey, the world has never been that creepy! I'll let you stay I'll let you stay Reff: You'll never know How to make it on your own It takes so much time to find my way home And it's time to see! So this is how it goes Let's pretend that everything's alright