Nama Band: Black drama
Anggota Band: Jaeck heart P Moula, Bill k Moula (didi), Ricky lameanda, Hasdi yanto jamin, Michael moningka
Judul Lagu: On Mind
Genre: Alternative Rock
Asal Kota: Jakarta


"On Mind"

Look your around And always be walking Don't be afrait to doing Everithing you wanted Let the rain Go down on the path Don't be afraid You will get everything on mine Believe you self And keep runing We can be better To pass over far way And look the rainbow After go the rain It's gonna be Paradise on you path Chorus You have to believe your self Your mind can bring to arrive there Where you have all All you need All you wand Just a word believe your self And you get all Reff Take your path on you world Get out now Take your path and make your world Get out now