Nama Band: Dynamic Trio
Anggota Band: Marchel Franklin Raven, Rafy Prasetyo, Riang Guna Karyana
Judul Lagu: Watch Your Step
Genre: Blues
Asal Kota: Jakarta


"Watch Your Step"

Watch Your Step Look at the central street in the morning See busy people walking down Worried about the future and worried about the money And they forget about, their deepest dream Quick thinking is choice to follow Get my suit and combing hait Ain't sure gone get it but Life is get hard, it just about how abounding rich Watch your mind take deep breath don't be falling Shut your eyes, be wise of choosing, wisely What your fighting for it's to be further, further, better I guess your done My oldman say to seek the passion Even wealth it's not around It's sound so cheesy But choice is all yours You know what i'd say That's is alright