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/ Authenticity, comfort next year's big trends: Levi's designer

This article by Ahmad Junaedi posted The Jakarta Post

 "People will look for authenticity and comfort in casual fashion next year as they view various products, according to Jonathan Cheung, head of global design at Levi's.

"The biggest trend [in casual fashion] next year is authenticity; I would say it is a macro trend. I think a brand like Levi's is truly authentic. [The trend] is also in food and drink. [For example] in coffee stores, people look at where the coffee comes from," Jonathan told The Jakarta Post at Levi's Eureka Innovation Lab in San Francisco, the US, on Friday.

For Levi's as a brand, he said, authenticity was important as people wearing iconic Levi's clothing, such as truckers, would be part of the trend.

"Every world class brand has a clear and consistent identity. So if you close your eyes, you can already picture [brands] like Apple or Ferrari, BMW [...] Also when people come to a restaurant, for example an Indonesian restaurant, they come to an authentic Indonesian restaurant," he explained.

Besides authenticity, the designer said comfort was the other thing that most people would take for granted.

He said more than 60 percent of Levi's jeans used stretch fabric, indicating that more people were looking for comfort when making their purchases."

Source : The Jakarta Post

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