Chianty Gunawan #PakaiKepribadianmu
Chianty Gunawan #PakaiKepribadianmu

How our Levi's® Fashion Stylist #LiveInLevis in Ramadan

This festive season, to Live in Levi’s is to the “Wear the real you”. Ramadan is all about abstaining from negative values of greed, anger, temptation and embracing positivity and values which reflect the real you.

Chianty Gunawan #PakaiKepribadianmu


Styles change every year, we all know that, and Ramadan is no different. There are styles that look more appropriate for the Holy Month. This style are usually beautifully oriental, lightweight while still being modest and combine comfort and fashion very well. I’ve picked outfits from LEVI’S because they’ll look perfect in Ramadan, and you can rock them all year long as well and still look fabulous!

You don’t necessarily need to go for dresses only throughout Ramadan. You can also go for a one a kind long top and complete your look with LEVI’S Denim Jeans ffrom their newest Collection. This jeacket would be a perfect addition to your closet because it simply goes with anything! You can wear it at any occasion, at any time and it’ll never not look fierce; it’s a great transition outfit that simply fits anything from morning to evening, Ramadan or otherwise.


Levi’s® Flare jeans go very well during Ramadan but you can easily rock that jeans all year round! Here me mixed it up with an artsy scarf as headband. Solid colors for Ramadan afternoons are the best. A long, flowing, gorgeous jeans that is Polite yet keeping the self-authenticity is the perfect choice for an Iftar family gathering. This long-not-too-much flare jeans; it’s light, it’s gorgeous and it can be paired with anything from shirt and t-shirt.


This Denim jacket though ideal for Ramadan, looks like it’s made for those gloomy or hot summer days in Jakarta. you can dress it down by pairing it with some boots and fun earrings or dress it up with a pair of wedges and a chunky necklace. This is a Ramadhan must have!


Ramadan – An opportunity to know your inner self. The month of Ramadan is a time in which we hold our bodily compulsions and instincts under strict control, together with our thoughts and our mental states, our moods and desires. We submit ourselves and our nafs (spirit, inner self) and our accustomed patterns of life to a higher template, one that fosters a regiment of self-restraint within the body and mind and correspondingly seeks an intensification of the life of the spirit. The body is ordered to fast from what it needs, from what is normally allowed to it, from what it desires, from what it craves, from what it may seek on a whim, and from what it habitually seeks – from all that leads to an intensification of the activities of the nafs. Here LEVI’S give you all the best inner self through their New Collection! Give it a try!