How To Wear 551 Z Authentic Straight And Stay Loose

Here’s the thing about vintage-inspired jeans: you know they’ll look good, because they already looked good once before. Our 551™ Z Authentic Straight Jeans are a callback to 1962, when we introduced our first-ever relaxed, and anti-fit denim. And our Stay Loose Jeans are a portal back to the groundbreaking, gritty street style that ruled the ‘90s. We love both these fits because they’re democratic and versatile—no matter your look, you’ll look good. Don’t believe us? Here are five guys pulling off these throwbacks with updated, individual style. The best part is, we’ll even tell you how they do it.


This look is for the guys who can leave the library and head straight to the parties, no dress change needed. The trick here is to lean into the high/low effect. Notice the Western Shirt tucked into 551™ Z Authentic Straight Jeans, the cuffed ankle and the white socks paired with the black penny loafers. Details like a braided belt and cardigan will help you nail style.


We love this adventurous look because it creates that push/pull effect—but instead of high/low, you’re mixing technical performance wear with urban utility. You’ll draw eyes with your confident play between the high-viz Technical Jacket and more understated overdyed green 551™ Z Authentic Straight Jeans. But what makes this look really work is the bit of black throughout that holds the outfit together by keeping the look-at-me clashes in check.


This dude looks like he’d fit in at the pier at our local beach town. But upon closer inspection, it’s clear he’d stand out wherever he feels like going. The oversized, overdyed 551™ Z Authentic Straight Jeans steal the show—not only because of their sneaky-rich hue, but the busted-out hems falling over chunky boots. This year, we’re all about oversizing our layers, too—here, sizing up keeps the look casual. And with so many muted colors head to toe, all you need is a colorful undershirt to provide that pop. Yeah, this guy knows what he’s doing.


This is how you make classic staples work for you. The trick to pulling this look off is, again, in the details. Notice how he cuffs the 551™ Z Authentic Straight Jeans over the darker boots with white soles and adds layers to break up the denim. Free advice: Play with the dimensions by going oversized on the Trucker Jacket and Western Shirt.


We saved the baggiest for last—the Stay Loose Jeans, which provide guys bold enough to try them on big style with an eye-catching, wide-leg silhouette. These jeans are tapered at the ankle, but you still have room to wear a heavier boot or chunkier sneaker to ground the proportions. And just in case you were wondering: We like oversized tops here, too. This is how you pull off loose jeans.

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