Combatting Plastic Bag Consumption With Melati Wijsen

The year of the pandemic brought us to pose questions, test new grounds and rebuild our creative processes. And with travel restrictions in place worldwide, we had to rethink the idea of “on-location shoots” and get a little creative. So instead of the usual photo shoots that we’ve done in the past, we turned to five photographers from cities across the globe to help us capture the adventurous spirit of our new collection. After the shoot was over, we asked them to share a little bit about their artistic approach, where they find inspiration and how they’ve adapted to a new way of life in their city.

Photographed by Doug Seagars


The fast pace and the energy of NYC make it feel like home to me. And I especially miss it when I’m away on a trip for a while. New York keeps me moving; everyone seems to be in a hurry all the time. I particularly love exploring and documenting Brooklyn, especially blocks like Nostrand and Fulton in Bedstuy. This borough offers so much ethnic diversity and culture, and you get to meet people from all walks of life. Oh, and did I mention you can get amazing food any time of day? I’m spoiled!

Photographed by Houmi Sakata


Being in a fluid society has been helpful for keeping my creative consciousness flowing. I didn’t spend a lot of time outside last year for obvious reasons, but during that time I was able to return to a more essential spirituality by creating with what I have available around me. The great thing about photography is that I can capture an image under any condition, as long as I have a camera.

Photographed by Riccardo Raspa


I’ve only recently moved to Milan, but I’ve been really enjoying the area of Loreto/Nolo where I currently live. It has a small-town vibe, but it feels very familiar and easy, especially during the lockdown. I love the people, the language and, most of all, the food! The restrictions and limitations we’ve had to endure in the last year have ironically been very useful in the development of my creativity. Oftentimes, I create personal restrictions when developing new ideas, because sometimes when you have too much available, you can lose yourself.

Photographed by Francesca Allen


What I love about this city is the collision of nature with the urban environment. The neighborhood I live in really encapsulates this for me. It’s full of green spaces, squeezed in between the chaotic streets. I love that I get to witness the way people live and interact with one another and fulfill that ongoing search of connection with the natural world. As a photographer, it’s really all about capturing the moments in between, finding beauty in the human interactions and the genuine intimacy of our shared moments.

Photographed by Ke Peng


What I love about my neighborhood is that communities are highly connected. The series of parks near People’s Square is special to me. Parks in China are usually gated and don’t typically allow people on the grasslands for specific reasons. But many of the parks in this area are open to the public, so I’m able to take naps, explore and get some inspiration when I can sneak in. Being in a mega city like Shanghai during the pandemic has helped with keeping my creativity flowing. I feel very supported and grateful, while trying to live a more accountable and sustainable life.