Ramadan, Wonderfully Made

Ramadan is a time for reflection. For forgiving and being forgiven, showing kindness and above all, a time for forging bonds with friends and family. This festive season, we’re celebrating the qualities that make us wonderfully made. You’ve probably seen our diverse cast of talents leading the campaign, and now you can get to know them a little bit more. From chasing sheep in the countryside to taking outdoor family portraits and, of course, feasting on scrumptious meals, read on as the cast share their favourite memories and what they’re looking forward to the most this Ramadan and Raya.


Skateboarder • @negrojawa_


What brings you joy during Ramadan?

To see all the Ramadan bazaars. All the food. People fasting, going to the mosque, I like seeing that. People coming together.


What’s your favourite Raya memory?

I remember one time when I went back to Johor, my kampung. Everybody was there, and people would start crying tears of joy. It was nice because it’s not easy for my family to gather like that.


Model • @arinna.erin


What’s your favourite Raya memory?

When I was a kid, me and my cousins would just chase the sheep around my grandma’s house. Because we had sheep as pets. We’ll be in our baju kurung. We also had geese and would chase them.


What’s your go-to style for Raya?

I rarely buy my baju raya. I usually repurpose them or mix and match most of my Raya clothes. One thing I love about how I wear my baju raya is that I can be creative with how I want to mix it up. At the same time, make sure that it’s in theme with the rest of my family. Every single year it’s a different look with the same top.


Actor • @aniqdurar


How do you get into the spirit of Ramadan and Raya?

Some years, my family does volunteer work feeding the homeless. We help distribute and carry boxes.


What’s your go-to Raya look?

My go-to style is always black baju Melayu with an orange and red sampin. But this year, I want to wear my ethnic clothes because technically, I’m not Malay. I want to wear a baju Melanau, which looks just a bit different.


Singer-songwriter • @zsyia


What brings you joy during Raya?

The fact that everyone else is also starving [during Ramadan] with me. [Laughs] We challenge ourselves mentally and physically, especially at the beginning when you have to stop your bad habits. It can get hard if you’re doing it by yourself. But if you have a whole lot of other people doing it with you, it becomes rewarding.


What’s your favourite Raya memory?

I held an open house for my friends to come over. After my family left, we all stayed back and did karaoke until my neighbours told us to stop.


Model • @_dingempak


What brings you joy during Raya?

Family gatherings. I can meet my brother who works in Sabah and my sister who lives far from home. Raya is the only time we meet and gather.


What are you looking forward to this Raya?

Every year, we’ll take family pictures outside at the studio or at the park. But this year, it’d be fun if we took pictures at the beach.


Model and eco-enthusiast • @talieprabs


What brings you joy during Raya?

Being in Malaysia, because we’re such a multiracial country. We don’t have to be Muslim or Malay to celebrate Raya, because everyone celebrates together. Seeing that harmony makes me happy. I’m from Sabah and from a big family. We have inter-marriages. I have some Malay cousins, some are Chinese. All of us get together during Raya at one of the houses and just celebrate.


What’s your go-to style for Raya?

In general, I do like to wear my culture and heritage. So I have my Sabahan accessories that represent my Kadazan culture. Just whatever accessories or batik material that has a Sabahan or Kadazan element.


Musician • @kimalogy


Do you have any favourite Ramadan dishes?

My mom would cook bubur pedas from Sarawak. But we’ve been staying in Terengganu my whole life, so she also knows how to make Terengganu dishes, like laksa Terengganu and nasi dagang. It’s the season to eat.


What’s your favourite Raya memory?

My favourite is going back to Sarawak. The way they celebrate is different from here in Peninsular Malaysia. We have lots of kuih raya here but in Sarawak, they have kek lapis (layer cake). Each house has its own kek lapis. Different families have different recipes.


Model • @sharifahareeqa


How are you planning to celebrate Raya?

Having some rendang and lontong. Just going back to normal times. I think that’s what everyone wants.


What’s your go-to Ramadan/Raya look?

I usually just go very casual. But if there’s a buka puasa dinner, I’ll try to spice it up a little bit and look as put together as I can with accessories.


Owners of OKGO Store • @okgostore


What are your usual Raya traditions?

Shakira: We’ve never had a chance to celebrate Raya together because we got married right before COVID. But I think what will happen is we’ll go back to my mom’s house and his [Zamir’s] dad’s house, which are only five minutes apart.


What do you like about Ramadan and Raya?

Zamir: Food definitely. Getting together with your family and friends. All the cheesy stuff. The forgiving part, that’s what I love about Raya. Because you’d have a clean slate with everyone. You don’t ask for forgiveness from your parents every day, so this is a chance to do so.

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